MAXQDA Professional Trainer:
Assist. Prof. Dr. Ümit Şengel

Language(s)English, Turkish
LocationSakarya, Turkey
RadiusEuropean, Asia and Turkey

Standard Workshops

  • Starter Workshop
  • Advanced Workshops

Method-Focused Workshops

  • Visualizations
  • Qualitative Evaluation
  • Mixed Methods
  • Audio-Video Analysis
Methodological Expertise

Qualitative Evaluation, Content Analysis, Online Research, Interview analysis, Case Study, Focus Group Discussion

Consulting Services

Consulting for Research Groups in Social Science-based Research, Individual Classes


I have been a MAXQDA user since 2019. Also, I completed my PhD in 2019. I am working on many social sciences disciplines, especially tourism. I plan to use the MAXQDA program in qualitative research that I will do in the future.

Relevant Publications

Şengel, Ü., Çevrimkaya, M., Işkın, M., Zengin, B. & Sarıışık, M. (2020). The Effects of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) on Hospitality Industry: A Case Study. Journal of Tourism and Gastronomy Studies8(3), 1646-1667.

Şengel, Ü., Çevrimkaya, M., Genç, G., Işkın, M., Zengin, B., & Sarıışık, M. (2020). An assessment on the news about the tourism industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Insights.

Aldemir, T., Işkın, M. and Şengel, Ü. (2020). Popular Culture Perception of TV Food Programs and Their Impact on Young People's Education-Profession Choices, Journal of Social, Humanities and Administrative Sciences, 3(12): 971-986.


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