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What is MAXQDA?

MAXQDA is a world-leading software package for qualitative and mixed methods research. It is one of the most comprehensive programs in the field and is used by thousands of researchers in more than 150 countries around the world.

MAXQDA helps you collect, organize, analyze, visualize and publish your data. It supports various methodological frameworks, including grounded theory, literature reviews, exploratory market research and qualitative content analyses, giving you maximum flexibility to analyze what you want, the way you want.

MAXQDA also gives you the freedom to analyze an increasingly diverse range of data types. You can import documents, PDF files, tables, images, media files, Twitter tweets, YouTube comments, geo references, bibliographical data, and more – and start analyzing them quickly and easily.

Innovative QDA Software since 1989

All Your Data

And more file types than you might think: analyze documents, PDFs, tables, images, videos, Twitter, geo-references and more.

Teamwork Made Simple

100% identical and compatible on Windows and Mac, and smart teamwork features to help you work together.

Methodological Flexibility

MAXQDA supports multiple methodological frameworks, giving you maximum freedom and flexibility.

Unique Visualizations

A picture says more than 1000 words. Use them to visualize your research and share your findings with others.

Your Research Journey

MAXQDA supports you every step of the way. From collecting data in the field to publishing your findings.

User Friendly

MAXQDA’s easy-to-use interface and free tutorials, manuals and webinars will get you started in no time.

Intuitive and Easy-to-Use – MAXQDA’s 4-Window Interface

It’s straightforward and gives you quick access to powerful – and often entirely unique – tools and functions.

Your Data

Import your data via drag & drop. Group, rename and color-tag it. Add memos. Strong filters and quick search tools ensure that your data is always easy to find.

Your Codes

Set up your categories in a hierarchical or non-hierarchical code system. Create codes inductively, deductively or semi-automatically using KWIC search results or by importing data from surveys or reports.

Document Browser

View, code, edit and annotate your documents. Mark passages with different colors, use emoticons, link sources to each other or to geo-locations, websites and external files.


Retrieve your data in just a few clicks. Choose between simple or highly advanced retrieval options. Jump from retrieved data back to the original source with one click. Powerful filter options will help you find exactly what you need. Print out or export your findings with one click.

Further Information

MAXQDA Features overview

MAXQDA Features Overview

Explore the range of tools and functions featured in each MAXQDA product.

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Who uses MAXQDA?

Who uses MAXQDA?

From state universities to multinational corporations: MAXQDA is used worldwide. Here you can find out by whom – and why.

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14-Day Trial

Free 14-Day Trial

Download the trial version for free and try out MAXQDA with your own data or the included demo projects.

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