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  • State-of-the-art Thematic Analysis Software. Easily identify and analyze patterns of themes in text documents, interview transcripts, journal articles, images, and more
  • Wide range of visualization tools: word clouds, charts, tables, concept maps, and more
  • Offers annotation, coding, lexical search, and dictionary based analysis tools
  • Easy to use and learn thanks to its user-friendly interface. We also offer a wide range of free video tutorials and other learning materials ideal for new users
  • Developed by and for researchers

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Core features of MAXQDA

All-in-One Thematic Analysis Software

Use MAXQDA to manage your entire research project. Easily import data from text documents, interview transcripts, focus groups, online surveys, web pages, images, audio and video files, spreadsheets, bibliographic data, YouTube data, and even tweets.

Organize your data in groups, link relevant quotes to each other, and share and compare work with your team members. Your project file stays flexible and you can expand and refine your category system as you go to suit your research.

Documents and codes in thematic analysis software MAXQDA

Thematic analysis software MAXQDA

Code and retrieve

Mark important information in your data with different codes by using codes, colors, symbols, or emoticons. Code quickly via drag & drop or with automatic coding, search for words and organize your thoughts and theories in memos that can be linked to any element of your project.

Retrieve your coded segments with one click or use MAXQDA’s powerful search tools to test and develop new theories.


Great ideas will often occur to you while you’re reading or coding your data. Memos are the perfect place to note them down. Choose from 11 different memo icons. The unique MAXQDA memo manager and lexical search function guarantee immediate access to every single memo at any time. Memos are also great for creating audit trails or for paraphrasing passages into your own words.


Visual Text Exploration

Explore the content and structure of your text without coding in advance, for example with MAXDictio’s Interactive Word Tree. It visualizes all the combinations that lead to or from any word of your choice, including a detailed display of frequencies.

Keyword in context

Use the tools offered by MAXDictio, our module for quantitative text analysis, to find even more in your data. Are you interested in the use of certain terms in your material? Use the Keyword-in-context feature to display all word locations and their (freely defineable) context in an interactive result table.

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