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MAXQDA is the best choice for your thematic analysis. It works with a wide range of data types and offers powerful tools to analyze textual data, such as coding, visualization, mixed methods, statistical, and quantitative content analysis tools.

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Thematic analysis software for Windows and Mac.

MAXQDA is the best choice for your thematic analysis. It works with a wide range of data types and offers powerful tools to analyze textual data, such as coding, visualization, mixed methods, statistical, and quantitative content analysis tools.

Developed by and for researchers – since 1989

Having used several qualitative data analysis software programs, there is no doubt in my mind that MAXQDA has advantages over all the others. In addition to its remarkable analytical features for harnessing data, MAXQDA’s stellar customer service, online tutorials, and global learning community make it a user friendly and top-notch product.

Sally S. Cohen – NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing

Analyze Faster and Smarter with MAXQDA

Analyze all kinds of data – from texts to images and audio/video files, websites, tweets, focus group discussions, survey responses, and much more. MAXQDA is at once powerful and easy-to-use, innovative and user-friendly, as well as the only leading QDA software that is 100% identical on Windows and Mac.

All-in-one Thematic Analysis Software

As your all-in-one Thematic Analysis Software, MAXQDA can be used to manage your entire research project. Easily import a wide range of data types such as text documents, interview transcripts, focus groups, online surveys, web pages, images, audio and video files, spreadsheets, bibliographic data, YouTube data, and even tweets. Organize your data in groups, link relevant quotes to each other, use MAXQDA’s powerful tools designed to facilitate your thematic analysis, and share and compare work with your team members. Your project file stays flexible and you can expand and refine your category system as you go to suit your research.

Organisieren Sie Ihre Daten mit der #1 Software für die Qualitative Inhaltsanalyse MAXQDA
Organisieren Sie Ihre Daten mit der #1 Software für die Qualitative Inhaltsanalyse MAXQDA

Code and retrieve

MAXQDA is a Thematic Analysis Software that is easy-to-use and can be used to mark important information in your data with different codes, colors, symbols, or emoticons. Because time is precious, you can create codes with just one click and apply them to your data quickly via drag & drop. MAXQDA as the #1 Thematic Analysis Software offers Text Search tools that allow you to explore your documents without coding or reading them first. Search for keywords and automatically code them with just a few clicks. Organize your thoughts and theories in memos that can be linked to any element of your project. Retrieve your coded segments with one click or use MAXQDA’s powerful summary tools to test and develop new theories.

Capture your ideas while analyzing

Great ideas will often occur to you while you perform your thematic analysis. Using MAXQDA as your thematic analysis software, you can create memos to store your ideas, such as research questions and objectives, or you can use memos for paraphrasing passages into your own words. Memos are also great for creating audit trails. By attaching memos like post-it notes to text passages, texts, document groups, images, audio/video clips, and of course codes, you can easily retrieve them at a later stage. The unique MAXQDA memo manager and lexical search function guarantee immediate access to every single memo at any time.

Notizen & Zusammenfassen mit MAXQDA
Explore text documents visually with your text analysis software MAXQDA

Visual exploration of themes

Whether you are analyzing a single speech or an entire bookshelf: the tools of MAXQDA allow you to explore the content and structure of your texts without needing to read or code a single sentence in advance. With MAXQDA as your Thematic Analysis Software you can, for example, use the Interactive Wordtree. It visualizes all the combinations that lead to or from any word of your choice, including a detailed display of frequencies. This incredibly powerful feature can provide new and fascinating perspectives even on texts you know well and allows for a comprehensive overview of those you don’t.

Explore keywords in context

Researchers all around the world use quantitative text methods to enrich their thematic analysis. Because MAXQDA is a Thematic Analysis Software designed by and for researchers, it offers an entire add-on module – called MAXDictio – with tools specifically designed to facilitate Text Analyses. Are you interested in the use of certain terms in your material? Use MAXQDA’s Keyword-in-Context tool to search for relevant terms and word combinations in your material. Besides finding all occurrences of your search terms, the tool allows you to delve deeper into the context of your keywords by displaying all word locations and their (freely definable) context in an interactive result table.

With MAXQDA as your textanalysis software you can explore keywords in context and word combinations
Analytische Ergebnisse nach Themen speichern mit MAXQDA

Quantitative evaluation of themes

Quantitative aspects can also be relevant when conducting a thematic analysis. Using MAXQDA as your Thematic Analysis software enables you to employ a vast range of procedures for the quantitative evaluation of your material. You can sort sources according to document variables, compare amounts with frequency tables and charts, and much more. Make sure that you don’t miss the word frequency tools of MAXQDA’s add-on module for quantitative text analysis which makes the quantitative analysis of terms and their semantic contexts even easier. Additionally, MAXQDA offers mixed methods tools that allow you to easily combine qualitative and quantitative methods to get an even deeper insight into your data.

Visualize your qualitative data

As an all-in-one Thematic Analysis Software, MAXQDA offers a variety of visual tools that are tailor-made for qualitative research and thematic analyses. Create stunning visualizations to analyze your material. Of course, you can export your visualizations in various formats to enrich your final report. Visualize the progression of themes with the Codeline, use the Word Cloud to explore key terms and the central themes, or make use of the graphical representation possibilities of MAXMaps, which in particular permit the creation of concept maps. Thanks to the interactive connection between your visualizations with your MAXQDA data, you’ll never lose sight of the big picture.

Daten visualisieren mit MAXQDA
QTT: Struktur in Gedanken & Daten bringen mit MAXQDA

Collect relevant insights and develop new theories

MAXQDA 2022 introduces a brand new and innovative workspace to gather important visualization, notes, segments, and other analytics results! The perfect tool to organize your thoughts and data. Create a separate worksheet for your topics and research questions, fill it with associated analysis elements from MAXQDA, and add your conclusions, theories, and insights as you go. The new Questions-Themes-Theories tool will support you during the analysis phase after coding and is perfectly suited to help you finalize your thematic analysis reports. That’s why MAXQDA is the kind of Thematic Analysis Software that enables you to focus on your research, not on the software.

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