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MAXQDA is a leading software package for qualitative and mixed methods research. It’s one of the most comprehensive programs in the field and is used by thousands of researchers in more than 150 countries around the world. And the best part is: it’s 100% identical on Windows and Mac.

Identical interface: sleek & easy to use

Your Data

Import your data via drag & drop. Group, rename, and color-tag it. Add your own memos. Strong filters and quick search tools ensure that your data is always easy to find!

Your Codes

Set up your categories in a hierarchical or non-hierarchical code system. Create codes inductively, deductively, or semi-automatically using KWIC search results or by importing data from surveys or reports.

Document Browser

View, code, edit, and annotate your documents. Mark passages with different colors, use emoticons, link sources to each other or to geo-locations, websites and external files.


Retrieve your data in just a few clicks. Choose between simple or highly-advanced retrieval options. Jump from your retrieved data back to the original source with one click. Powerful filter options will help you find exactly what you need. Print out or export your findings with one click.

MAXQDA identical on Windows and Mac computers

Full range of functionality

Most Mac solutions offered by other software packages are limited versions of their Windows editions – often they’re so different that you need two separate manuals. MAXQDA is 100% identical on Windows and Mac computers and offers 100% research power and 100% state-of-the-art functionality. See for yourself: one manual for both platforms.

Online Manual

Share your projects

The data archive lets you share your research project, as well as the meta data connected to it, with the scientific community and beyond. The data is available in standard formats such as DOCX (Word), PDF, XLSX (Excel) and MP4 (video), which makes it easy to view without needing to purchase specialized software or get specific training.

Share your data with MAXQDA: identical on Windows and Mac computers
Help in MAXQDA

Help wherever you need it

Help is just a click away throughout the program – a unique MAXQDA feature. Open our online manual from within any feature or function and find hands-on instructions and screenshots. It doesn’t get easier than this!

Get more out of your data

With MAXQDA you can easily combine qualitative and quantitative methods to get an even deeper insight into your data – it’s the mixed methods expert. You can import and export quantitative data matrices to and from statistics software packages like SPSS. You can turn your codes into variables, use crosstabs, automatically or manually assign variables to your data, and export any part of your project to a spreadsheet.

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Summaries in MAXQDA: identical on Windows and Mac computers

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