Support for MAXQDA 2020 and 2018

VERBI offers free online support for questions and problems related to the use of the current and previous MAXQDA versions.

Serial Number

You can find the serial number of your license or trial version in MAXQDA at ? > License status. Please enter this number in the form.

No Research

The online support cannot provide consulting or research advice. Please contact MAXQDA Professional Trainers instead.

Your inquiry for MAXQDA functional support

If you use MAXQDA via the network/campus license of your institution, please enter the name of the institution.

You will find the release number in the title bar of the MAXQDA window (e.g. 2020.0.7). Enter "0" if you do not have this information.

or drop files here
or drop files here
For MAXQDA 2020 inquiries, please export the support ZIP file (/"? -export support file/") and send it along with your support request.

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