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MAXQDA – the all-in-one
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  • State-of-the-art content analysis software. Easily analyze all your research data: text documents, interviews, transcripts, surveys, images, social networks, and more
  • Wide range of visualization tools: word clouds, document comparison charts, concept maps, and more
  • Offers quantitative content analysis and mixed methods analysis tools
  • Easy to use and learn thanks to its user-friendly interface. We also offer a wide range of free video tutorials and other learning materials ideal for new users
  • 100% identical on Windows and Mac

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The #1 Content Analysis Software
for Windows and Mac.

MAXQDA is the best choice for your content analysis. It works with a wide range of data types and offers powerful tools for content analysis, such as coding, visualization, mixed methods, statistical, and quantitative content analysis tools.

All-in-one Content Analysis Software

As your all-in-one Content Analysis Software, MAXQDA can be used to manage your entire research project. Easily import a wide range of data types such as texts, interviews, focus groups, PDFs, web pages, spreadsheets, articles, e-books, bibliographic data, videos, audio files, and even social media data. Organize your data in groups, link relevant quotes to each other, use MAXQDA’s powerful tools designed to facilitate your content analysis, and share and compare work with your team members. Your project file stays flexible and you can expand and refine your category system as you go.

Manage your data with the All-in-one Content Analysis Software MAXQDA
Code and retrieve with the All-in-one Content Analysis Software MAXQDA

Code and retrieve

MAXQDA is a Content Analysis Software that is easy-to-use and can be used to mark important information in your data with different codes, colors, symbols, and emoticons. Because time is precious, you can create codes with just one click and apply them to your data quickly via drag & drop. MAXQDA as the #1 Content Analysis Software offers Text Search tools that allow you to explore your material without coding or reading them first. Search for keywords and automatically code them with just a few clicks. Organize your thoughts and theories in memos that can be linked to any element of your project. Retrieve your coded segments with one click or use MAXQDA’s powerful summary tools to test and develop new theories.

Find connections in your data

Researchers all around the world use MAXQDA as their Content Analysis Software because MAXQDA tools enable you to find connections in your data. MAXQDA’s activation system is surprisingly simple and easy to use. Using MAXQDA’s activation system you can precisely define what data segments in which documents you want to retrieve. Thanks to the interactive connection between your retrieved segments and your MAXQDA data, you can easily explore the segment’s context when needed. But there’s more that meets the eye: our advanced retrieval gives you a total of 9 further options for finding connections in your data, such as data segments with overlapping or intersecting codes. This allows you to tailor the retrieval to your needs.

Find connections in your data with MAXQDA
Advanced search functions with MAXQDA

Advanced search functions

When performing a content analysis, you might want to analyze large amount of text which can be time consuming and overwhelming. Luckily a Content Analysis Software like MAXQDA can help. Search for keywords (and even entire dictionaries of keywords) in your data, memos, comments, paraphrases, and coded segments and automatically code them with just a few clicks. Make use of the advanced search functions that offer you everything you might expect from a professional Content Analysis Software – and with the integration of retrieval and lemma functions, Boolean operators and wildcards, probably a little more.

Summarize your content analysis

A content analysis can be overwhelming, but with MAXQDA as your Content Analysis Software you have an easy-to-use solution. Among other tools MAXQDA’s overview and summary tables are especially useful for aggregating your content analysis results. MAXQDA offers overview tables for almost everything, codes, memos, coded segments, links, and so on. Use our summary grids and summary tables to keep summaries of which codes and variables appear in each respective project or document: another level of analysis which means you’ll never lose track of the bigger picture. Of course, you can easily export your overview and summary tables and integrate them into your publication.

Summarize your content analysis with MAXQDA
Quantitative Content Analysis with the All-in-one Content Analysis Software MAXQDA

Quantitative Content Analysis

Quantitative content analysis is a method used by researchers all around the world. Because MAXQDA is a Content Analysis Software designed by and for researchers, it offers an entire add-on module with tools specifically designed to facilitate quantitative content analyses. Included are tools for word frequency analysis, visual text exploration, content analysis, vocabulary analysis, dictionary-based analysis and more that facilitate the quantitative analysis of terms and their semantic contexts. You can display frequencies of individual words or word combinations in tables or visualize them in the Interactive Wordtree, or use the Keyword-in-Context function to transfer the textual contexts of selected words into a clear table, and much more.

Visualize your qualitative data

As an all-in-one Content Analysis Software, MAXQDA offers a variety of visual tools that are tailor-made for qualitative research and content analyses. Create stunning visualizations to analyze your material. Of course, you can export your visualizations in various formats to enrich your final report. Visualize the progression of an interview with the Codeline, use the Code Cloud to illustrate and explore your categories, or make use of the graphical representation possibilities of MAXMaps, which in particular permit the creation of concept maps. Thanks to the interactive connection between your visualizations with your MAXQDA data, you’ll never lose sight of the big picture.

Visualize your qualitative data with the All-in-one Content Analysis Software MAXQDA
QTT: Collect relevant insights and develop new theories with the All-in-one Content Analysis Software MAXQDA

Collect relevant insights and develop new theories

MAXQDA 2022 introduces a brand new and innovative workspace to gather important visualization, notes, segments, and other analytics results! The perfect tool to organize your thoughts and data. Create a separate worksheet for your topics and research questions, fill it with associated analysis elements from MAXQDA, and add your conclusions, theories, and insights as you go. The new Questions-Themes-Theories tool will support you during the analysis phase after coding and is perfectly suited to help you finalizing your content analysis reports. That’s why MAXQDA is the kind of Content Analysis Software that enables you to focus on your research, not on the software.

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