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MAXQDA for Mac – Available late 2013

Update: The MAXQDA for Mac release was rescheduled for early 2014!

Your favorite QDA software on a Mac: Get ready for MAXQDA for Mac – the next milestone in MAXQDAs history! MAXQDA is taking the leap to a new operating system and will be available for Mac users later this year. Get a first glimps of things to come in our video.

MAXQDA for Mac will be just as powerful as MAXQDA for Windows. It will also come with the same trusted four window layout, so that even those who switch from the Windows to the Mac version will immediately feel at home. Watch our video, if you want to take a closer look at our latest software project. The familiar four window screen looks just as great on a Mac as it does on a PC.

To enable high definition, click the “change quality” button.

Good to know:

MAXQDA 11 license owners will be able to switch from MAXQDA for Windows to MAXQDA for Mac at no further cost.

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