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Update: MAXQDA for Mac 11.1.0 introduces MAXDictio

VERBI Software recently published a new update for the Mac version of MAXQDA. This update closes the gap between the Mac and Windows version once and for all by introducing the last missing piece to the Mac: MAXDictio!

All those who own a MAXQDA Plus for Mac license will find a new menu entry called “MAXDictio” in their MAXQDA toolbar. With MAXDictio, users now have a powerful add-on for quantitative text analysis, which enables them to dig through their texts based on dictionaries or to do a vocabulary analysis while conducting the qualitative analysis.

What is MAXDictio?

MAXDictio analyzes word frequencies for marked passages, text documents or text groups. It is a perfect tool to find out which vocabulary and topics are prevalent in the data and to illustrate similarities or contrasts between different cases or units.

With MAXDictio, users cannot only export and import dictionaries from MS Office programs but also build their own word-based dictionaries, analyze texts by specific criteria and filter the results by numeric data. Words from the word frequency table can be transferred into the dictionary simply by clicking on them.

For further procession, outcomes of the frequency analysis can be exported to MS-Office programs and to SPSS or copied by use of the Windows clipboard.

Want to learn more?

Watch this video tutorial to get a quick introduction to the MAXDictio tool. The tutorial was made with MAXQDA for Windows, but MAXDictio works the same way on MAXQDA for Mac:

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