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New: Import data from SurveyMonkey – Connect to your account and import survey results into MAXQDA

More and more people use SurveyMonkey to conduct online surveys, and researchers in the MAXQDA Community are no exception. Time for us to make things a bit easier! Starting with MAXQDA 12.2.1, you have the ability to directly import your surveys comfortably from within MAXQDA!

This feature is available for MAXQDA 12 Standard, MAXQDA 12 Plus and MAXQDA 12 Analytics Pro users. It is not part of MAXQDA 12 Base.

Connect to SurveyMonkey

To import a survey from SurveyMonkey simply open MAXQDA and choose “Documents > Import data from SurveyMonkey”. Now you can enter your SurveyMonkey user data in the appearing window – and off you go.

Connect to SurveyMonkey

Choosing a survey to import

When SurveyMonkey is connected to MAXQDA a window with all of your SurveyMonkey surveys pops up. The example below shows two surveys. You can now decide if you want to import both surveys to MAXQDA or just a random selection of a certain number of cases.

Import from SurveyMonkey

Answers to open and closed questions: Codes and/or variables

When importing your survey MAXQDA automatically identifies the answers of your survey and if these answers belong to open or closed questions. Answers to open questions like “Please describe the relationship you have to your child” can be imported to MAXQDA as text. Such answers will automatically be coded with the corresponding question.

Answers to closed questions like “How many people currently live in your household?” will be inserted as variables and thus can be used for evaluation later on.

Import surveys into MAXQDA

After clicking “OK” your results from SurveyMonkey are inserted into your MAXQDA project and ready for analysis.

More New Features in Update 12.2.1

The free MAXQDA 12 update 12.2.1 adds an import feature for survey from SurveyMonkey, import feature for webpages collected with the browser extension “Web Collector for MAXQDA” and an improved codeline visualisation.

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