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MAXApp Update! Now with Textcodes

A new update for our free iOS app MAXApp is now available for download from the iTunes App Store. Use MAXApp for your field research: collect data on-the-go, tag notes, images, video, audio with codes and memos, and easily transfer everything to MAXQDA via Dropbox.

This new update brings you the feature, a lot of you were hoping to see: TEXT CODING You can now tag documents or text segments within a document with text codes. Just open the code window and switch between the emoticode® view and the text code view by clicking the “smiley” or “T” icon.

We also took the chance to enhance a few more things in MAXApp:

New in MAXApp:

  • code with text codes
  • location tagging looks prettier
  • beautiful new app icon to match the style of iOS 7
  • several bug fixes

Textcoding in MAXApp

Code your collected data with emoticode®s or textcodes to pre-structure your data for the analysis in MAXQDA.

Entering a code is easy: Select the document or the text segment you want to code and fluidly switch between the emoticode® and the text code browser. You can pick from more then 300 emoticode®s or freely enter a text code.

Both types of codes are displayed right next to your document.

How to update MAXApp

On your iPhone or iPad check your “App Store” app for updates. On the iPhone and iPod the update will replace your old MAXApp. On the iPad the App is installed as a new app. You can delete the old MAXApp once you have exported all of your projects and start working with the new app.

About MAXApp

A perfect MAXQDA companion for your iPad and iPhone! Perfect for field work, the app allows you to take or import photos, videos, text documents, and audio. The resulting project files can be effortlessly imported via Dropbox to your desktop MAXQDA. As you collect data, the app enables you to fluidly code with its innovative icon system: code with text codes or choose from over 300 emoticons and symbols to mark anything from entire documents to single extracts.

MAXApp offers on-the-go functionality, making it easy to keep up regardless of if you’re recording interviews in the field, documenting your surroundings, or reviewing the day’s research in the office.

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