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NEW RELEASE: Introducing MAXQDA Analytics Pro – Add statistical power to your analysis

Thanks to our customer focus and innovative drive, we developed two new editions of MAXQDA: MAXQDA Analytics Pro and MAXQDA Base. Both were released on September 20th, 2016. These products have been created to fulfil the demands of diverse user groups, the high professional mixed methods research community as well as researchers or small scale companies, who are looking for a slim and straight-forward text analysis software.

MAXQDA Analytics Pro equips you with a large range of tools for statistical evaluation.

Seamlessly quantify your qualitative data and enrich your analysis with evidence and plausibility. Statistically analyze your qualitative data in MAXQDA or import and connect your data with data sets in the Excel or SPSS format.

Watch the MAXQDA Analytics Pro Release Video

Visit webpage to learn more about MAXQDA Analytics Pro.

Free Demo for current users

Current MAXQDA Standard 12 or MAXQDA Plus 12 users can try out the complete functionality of the new “Stats” module for three months, until December 31st, 2016. A Stats demo is automatically included in the release 12.2. which will be available as a free update on Sept 20th, 2016. After the update the “Stats” menu will appear in their menu bar.

How to install the latest MAXQDA update

Compare MAXQDA Analytics Pro

MAXQDA is available in four different product options, ranging from MAXQDA Base to MAXQDA Analytics Pro. To compare their functionality and find the MAXQDA that works best for your visit our detailed feature comparison page.

The MAXQDA product family - Analytics Pro with statistical

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