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Even More Mixed Methods Functions

Export Quote Matrix from the Code Matrix Browser: Not only can you export your Code Matrix Browser results (the number of codings for each code in a specific document), but now you can export the coded segments themselves into a Quote Matrix.

Tag Clouds

In addition to viewing the 50 most frequently used words in a document or group of documents, you now more powerful quantitative options. With the “Word frequency list” function, you can view the word frequency and word length for each word, along with the percentage of the total vocabulary each word makes up. You can also view a list of all the places where a certain word appears to export or autocode!

Categorical Variables

You can now easily transform your coded and subcodes into categorical variables. This function makes it possible, with a few mouse clicks, to group or activate those interviewees with similar characteristics (e.g. those that are careful to eat healthy food) and find out how they talk about certain topics (e.g. organic food label requirements) compared to other interviewees.
More detailed information about all mixed methods functions in MAXQDA 10 can be found here.

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