Are you interested in becoming a MAXQDA reseller?

This is how you become a reseller:
Any business or organization related to software or to qualitative and/or quantitative research can join our MAXQDA reseller program. It’s open to organizations in all regions. Resellers from Germany, Switzerland and Austria are not eligible to receive a reseller commission.

By joining our reseller program you will receive support and rewards for your sales efforts. We are convinced that both sides of this partnership should profit from one another.

  • Our customers can order MAXQDA through a local company, giving direct support and help through the order process.
  • Our resellers profit from financial benefits and incentives depending on certain reseller levels. We will also help you to grow your business and provide you with information material.

MAXQDA Reseller Guideline

The MAXQDA reseller program comprises three reseller levels: Classic, Premium and Top. Find out more about these opportunities in the MAXQDA Reseller Guidelines.

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MAXQDA reseller outside the reseller program

If you do not want to sign a reseller agreement but simply have a one-time sales opportunity please get in touch with our Customer Service for more information and support.