D. Error message “A problem with the hardware ID of the USB flash drive occured”

This error message may occur when using a portable MAXQDA 12 license on a USB flash drive. There are several reasons for it:

  1. The portable MAXQDA 12 license was activated on Mac OS X El Capitan and updated to version 12.0.1a or higher.

  2. Solution: Please contact our Support Team and, if possible, let them know your serial number.

  3. The USB flash drive does not have any hardware ID or MAXQDA cannot read the hardware ID.

  4. Solution 1: Please start the disk utility and format (“delete”) your USB flash drive with the exFAT format.
    Attention: Formatting your USB flash drive will automatically delete everything on it. Please save your data on another storage medium before formatting the stick. Afterwards please activate your license with the same serial number (again). If the activation isn’t successful please contact our Support Team.
    Solution 2: If the problem still exists please try to use another USB flash drive. We recommend USB 3.0 Hardware.

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