C. How can I save my project?

MAXQDA is a database program, which means that almost all changes are automatically saved (e.g. import of data, creating codes, applying codes) in the project files. That’s why MAXQDA does not have a “save” button. Once an action is performed, it’s immediately saved. For this reason, MAXQDA double-checks before deleting important project elements, such as codes.

Documents and memos that are currently being edited, for example when you are writing notes in a text document or transcribing audio/video files, are automatically saved every 5 minutes. This time interval can be adjusted in the project settings. Open Maps in MAXMAps are automatically saved every minute and also when they are closed. Logbook entries are saved when you close the logbook windows.

Several actions, such as applying a code or editing a document, can be tracked backwards multiple steps with an undo button.

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