C. Can I exchange projects between MAXQDA for Windows and MAXQDA for Mac?


Yes, you can open and work with the same MAXQDA project file on either Windows or Mac computers. Sharing your work with others and accessing your students or teammates project files is a vital part of your daily work. That’s why MAXQDA 12 works with a universal project file – .mx12 – that can be opened and edited just the same with Windows or Mac.

Create a project on a Windows computer, edit it on a Mac, and hand it over to colleagues or other students who may want to use it in an equally flexible way.


Yes. You can export MAXQDA projects from MAXQDA 11 (Mac or Windows) and import them into the other operating system.

What if I only have MAXQDA 10? If you want to convert projects from MAXQDA 10, you need to open your MAXQDA 10 projects with the demo version of MAXQDA 11 and export them from there. Or you can send your MAXQDA 10 projects to our online support team, who will be happy to convert them for you.

1. Install the latest update of MAXQDA 11

Open “? > Search for updates” in MAXQDA and download and install the latest update. The export of projects in the exchange format is only available starting with these releases:

  • MAXQDA 11 for Windows: Release 11.0.5
  • MAXQDA 11 for Mac: Release 11.1.1

2. Export Project to the Exchange Format

Open the MAXQDA project, select “Project > Export MAXQDA exchange file” and save the MAXQDA exchange file to a convenient location (e.g. your desktop).

Opening a MAXQDA project on a Windows Computer
Saving a MAXQDA project as MAXQDA exchange file

3. Import the MAXQDA exchange into the other version of MAXQDA

Open MAXQDA. Choose “Open existing project > OK”.

Starting MAXQDA on a Mac

4. Select MAXQDA-Exchange (.mex) as file type

At the bottom of the Finder window or Windows dialog, select the MAX-Exchange file type (*.mex), select the MAXQDA exchange file and click “Open”.

Opening the MAX-Exchange file

5. Successful Import

The next appearing dialogue window tells you that the import of the exchange file was successful. A MAXQDA project with the extension “.mx11” (Windows) or “.mx5” (Mac) is automatically created in the same folder, in which the MAX-Exchange file is located. You can now continue your work.

Creating a MAXQDA project for Mac

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