C. How to open a MAXQDA 11 project with MAXQDA 12

To open a MAXQDA 11 project with MAXQDA 12, please:

  • When selecting a projec to open, choose Open existing project and then Other projects and click OK.
  • In the next dialog window select “MAXQDA 11 projects (*.mx11) from the drop-down list
  • Then select the MAXQDA 11 project you want to open and click Open

Hint: MAXQDA 12 creates an .mx12 copy of the old project file in the same folder. Please note that the conversion process might take some minutes; MAXQDA continuously informs you about the progress.

Exchanging Project files with MAXQDA 12



Opens project files .mx12

(MAXQDA 11 Windows)
and older Windows versions


(MAXQDA 11 Mac)

Opens exchange files .mex
Saves projects to .mx12 or .mex

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