Variables and mixed methods

13.04.2021, 17:21

I have a question about organizing my data so I can used a mixed method analysis and although I've watched the video tutorials and read the online manual, I can't figure out the best way. I've done this in other software but not sure of the approach in MaxQDA as I'm a new user.

I have 60 individuals that have provided reflections at five points in time. I also have pre and post test scores and other categories that I want to analyze (ie. age).

Do I set up my document structure by individual or by reflection? I think it should be by individual and I make a variable for Reflection and can then use a document set to analyze by reflection - or activate the reflections from one point in time and do a separate analysis. My main issue is with adding quantitative information for the participants. How do I associate variables such as age for each participant? Since the variables are associated with an individual document, it seems like this information would need to be replicated for each document from that participant, which can then bias the analysis. I also read about internal linking and thought this might be an option but it seems like I would have the same issue and there is very little information on links.

In the end, I want to look at the data by both individuals (changes over time), and then also by reflection to assess the effects of a particular activity - and compare these by age group, as an example.

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Variables and mixed methods

14.04.2021, 09:27


Thank you for posting here.

Can I clarify one thing: Do you have individual interviews or focus group transcripts as your primary documents? If you have individual interviews, then you can assign document variables to each document (i.e. in this case a document variable "age" would only refer to 1 person). However, if you have focus groups with multiple participants in one document, I would recommend importing them as focus group data and using the variables for focus group speakers.

I guess the latter is what you are currently looking for, isn’t it? If so, you are welcome to read more about focus group data import and analysis here:

I hope this helps!

All the best from MAXQDA
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Re: Variables and mixed methods

14.04.2021, 17:03

I do have individuals, not focus groups but if I enter a variable (ie. age) by document, when I do an analysis it will do the analysis by document not individual - so although I have one person who wrote four reflections, it will look like it is four separate pieces of data. Is there a way around this - some sort of group function?
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Re: Variables and mixed methods

25.05.2021, 13:41

Maybe you could create a code for each individual and insert these variables as code ones.

Anyways, I think it's better to have a document for each individual.

Hope I could help.
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