Best way to import Gab data into MAXQDA

15.03.2021, 13:55

We're struggling to find the best way to import spreadsheets with posts from the microblogging platform Gab into MAXQDA. Although it is possible to import .xlsx files into MAXQDA as survey data, doing so leaves us with a single document for each text within the document group -- a bit inconvenient when we have thousands of texts that are around 10-20 words long on average. Does anyone know a way that all cells can be imported into a single document from a spreadsheet?

Version: MAXQDA 2020
System: Mac OS X 10.14 (Mojave)
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Re: Best way to import Gab data into MAXQDA

15.03.2021, 21:59

Hard to answer without an idea of what the Gab data looks like, but it seems to me that you could save the Excel document as plain text, and then import either as a Focus Group transcript (if you want to group by user), or just as a big text document if you don't want user delineation.

In the former case, you may need to do some data formatting prior to saving, so that each user name is followed by ":"
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