Allow expanded activation options at Document Group Level

Allow expanded activation options at Document Group Level

12.05.2020, 21:04

At present, several complex activation options are available at the Document System Level, that would also be useful at the Document Group level.

At Document System level, Right-click offers a context menu under "Activation" of "More", in which options such as "Invert" are available.
Invert is a very useful feature, but not available if one right-clicks the document group.

In the following use case, this is evident.

In a large project with over 1800 documents and >50 document groups, I wish to generate a Word cloud for documents that have not been shared with another project. A code "COVID Export" is associated with all documents that have been shared.

The following sequence would be very efficient
1. Activate documents with the COVID Export code
2. For a specific document group, invert activation
3. Use MAXDictio on only activated documents

Currently, the Invert option would instead activate all other document groups, so would not be useful in thei case.

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