Remove space-wasting menus

21.02.2019, 13:23

Dear MaxQDA 2018 designers,

Could you please make it possible for users to remove or combine menu strips that they do not use? I never use and would like to remove some menu strips to save screen space. For me, some menu options only fill up program screen and take away space from reading long texts, such as interview transcripts:

- the Document Browser's coding menu strip (above the editing menu strip; with the big list of recently used codes, "Code highlighting", etc)
- the strip in the bottom of the screen that lists activated documents etc.

Some menu strips could be combined to save space, including the uppermost blue strip and the rather wastefully big gray-colored main menu strip ("Home, Import,...") right below it (such as in many internet browsers, for example).

Other users may want to keep some menus on their screen, so my main request would be for flexibility for users who prefer to maximize text-reading space.

Thank you!

Version: MAXQDA 2018
System: Windows 10
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