Copying codes from transcript to media file

19.10.2018, 17:39

I just realized that coding a video and coding the corresponding transcript are two entirely separate things in MaxQDA. I see the advantages with this approach and I have also figured out that the Codeline feature partially compensates for this as it can visualize the the codes across the document in a similar way as the code stripes do in the Multi Media Browser, but this complete disconnect between the codes for two very closely related files (the video and its transcript) is still a huge disappointment. :cry:

I wonder if you could not introduce what NVivo calls "shadow coding", i.e. the possibility to copy codes from transcript to video or vice versa. In NVivo this happens automatically and cannot be turned off but in MaxQDA this could be an optional process for selected codes: you right-click on a particular coding stripe in your transcript and select "copy code to media file" and - boom - the video segment between the corresponding time codes is coded with the same code.

Version: MAXQDA 2018
System: Windows 10
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