Can I use MaxQDA with partial transcriptions?

24.07.2018, 13:37

Hello to everyone,

I am currently doing a PhD, for this research, I chose a qualitative methodology and realized about 100 interviews. I am currently thinking about the best way to analyze my interviews and I was hoping to use Maxqda.

The problem is that I did not chose to do a verbatim transcription: I chose to write a detailed review of the conversation, hearing the recordings, and I only transcripted a few full sentences that I thought particularly interesting.
(For instance, if I write a imaginary conversation to illustrate, it would be that kind of transcription :
"X tells me the story of his neighborhood, he explains that for him, it got worse two years ago 'yes, it got really worse since X happened", his wife adds that it's been more than 2 years."

I am new to MaxQDA, and I wanted to use it to do a thematic analysis of my interviews. The problem is that I wanted to know if it's possible to code interviews that were not transcripted verbatim? I only find examples with verbatim...

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Can I use MaxQDA with partial transcriptions?

24.07.2018, 14:13

Hello Lilou,
thanks for your question and welcome to the MAXQDA Forum! To make it short: at least I don't see why not! I mean if someone makes a statement that you plan to operationalize for quantitative purposes, I don't see why it should be more "valid" if you transcribe it rather then just paraphrasing it, as long as it is properly interpreted and transparent. And you can always create a verbatim transcript when the need for a more detailed analysis arises, right?
Kind regards,

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Re: Can I use MaxQDA with partial transcriptions?

25.07.2018, 06:56

Thank you Andrea for you answer.

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