Multiple Users on 1 document

19.06.2008, 11:41

Hi all,

I've got a couple of users that are trying to run simultaneous instances of the same document. They seem to think that they shouold both be able to work on it, or at least have one person work on it and the other access it as read only. They tell me that one of them can work on a document with no trouble (obviously), but when the other trries to access it the 2nd users sees the document flash open then close immediately with no error message. I told them that it's probably usual to expect this to happen as not many apps will let you run the same file as someone else. However they are adamant that they should be able to. Maybe they think they read it somewhere.
So I'm just checking to see if this is infact possible.


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Re: Multiple Users on 1 document

21.08.2008, 10:33

Hello GizMo,

MAXQDA doesn't allow the simultaneous access to one project by multiple users. Also there is no "read only mode" available.

If you plan to organize teamwork please find detailed information in the manual that is accessible via the "?" in the menu bar.

Kind regards

Thomas Ebert
Thomas Ebert
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Re: Multiple Users on 1 document

12.09.2014, 19:13

Hi Thomas,
Is there any plan to provide this feature?

It would be very useful to be able to do work in parallel, if not in the same document, and least in the same project.
People are used to working in tandem in SharePoint, and it allows the timeline to be significantly compressed to do engagements.

I typically work in a different part of the country to my colleagues, and it is highly effective to work in a conference call and edit the same report at the same time; being able to carry out coding in MaxQDA would be a big time savery too.

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Re: Multiple Users on 1 document

14.09.2014, 15:34

Hi mloxton,

we are sorry: there is no change yet and there is no version of MAXQDA available that allows parallel working on a project. We have put your request on our list for the future and take it as another request for a live team version of MAXQDA.

Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA team,
Dr Stefan Rädiker
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Stefan Rädiker
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Re: Multiple Users on 1 document

23.11.2017, 23:02


I was wondering if there been any change regarding this topic? Is it now possible for multiple users to work on the same project?

Thank you!
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Re: Multiple Users on 1 document

16.08.2018, 11:01

I support this feature request too!

I am working with a colleague, and it is really annoying that we have to find work-arounds every time, and that co-working is not possible. Now we make agreements with each other about who works between time X and Y, and who can work between time Y and Z. So, our working hours will not overlap while working in MAXQDA. But of course this is a waste of time and totally not efficient.
I would be much more efficient if we BOTH could work on, say, monday from 9 am to 17 pm. This would mean that we could dedicate 2 x 8 hours/day on our project. Now we can only use half of the time.
I work, for instance, from 9 till 12, and my co-worker from 12 to 17 hour.

We tried to figure out work-arounds, such as splitting the file and each of us work with half of the documents. But that doesn't work, because working = analyzing = adjusting the code system at the same time.

And merging projects after changing the code system in one of the projects, creates problems (= not possible).
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