Don't hide features in context menus

05.01.2018, 16:03

While I appreciate the attempts to reveal some of the complex functionality of MaxQDA 2018, there's some essential functionality that is not available anywhere in the system menu or ribbons, only in context menus:

e.g. almost all of the code activation / deactivation functions, incl. Activate by Code Variable - these are only available by right-clicking the Code System icon. This is not at all obvious, and there is no clear reason that I can envision for why it should be there and not also under the Codes menu.

For some reason you can Reset Activations in the Analysis menu, but you can't invert or activate by color there, even though you can in the Code and Document context menus.

Besides just making these harder to find, this also makes it impossible to assign keyboard shortcuts to these functions, because MaxQDA doesn't use system standard context menus (at least on MacOS).

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Re: Don't hide features in context menus

06.01.2018, 23:11

I agree. The help menu doesn't work like a standard Mac help either where I can find a help topic, and an arrow appears pointing to a function. Using 2018 since it came out and I've gotten used to it now, the flow is nice, but some minor things are not Mac proper.

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