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MAXQDA Professional Trainer:
Prof. Dr. André Fringer

OrtWinterthur, Switzerland

Standart Workshops:

  • Starter
  • Advanced

Method Workshops:

  • Visual Tools
  • Audio Video Analysis

Other Workshops:

  • Case Study Research
  • Single-Subject Research
  • Coding Training
  • Grounded Theory
  • Content Analysis
  • Case Study Research
  • Single-Subject Research
  • Student Workshops
  • PhD Advice and Training
  • Research Group Training

I have been a MAXQDA trainer since 2007, first at the University of Witten/Herdecke (Germany), then at the University of Vienna (Austria) as well as a trainer athlete the Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW and in the PhD Care and Rehabilitation Sciences Program at the University of Zurich for Mixed Methods Study. I have conducted a large number of Studies with MAXQDA and know the strengths, possibilities and limitations of software-based qualitative data analysis.


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Chistell, F., Stängle, S., & Fringer, A. (2023). “Loneliness is a monotonous thing”: descriptive qualitative research on the loneliness of caring relatives. BMC nursing, 22(1), 161.

Stängle, S., & Fringer, A. (2022). Discussion or silent accompaniment: a grounded theory study about voluntary stopping of eating and drinking in Switzerland. BMC Palliative Care, 21(1), 85.

Eppel‐Meichlinger, J., Stängle, S., Mayer, H., & Fringer, A. (2022). Family caregivers' advocacy in voluntary stopping of eating and drinking: A holistic multiple case study. Nursing Open, 9(1), 624-636.

Hechinger, M., & Fringer, A. (2021). Professional care experiences of persons with suicidal ideation and behavior: Model development based on a qualitative meta-synthesis. JMIR formative research, 5(10), e27676.

Stängle, S., & Fringer, A. (2021). Perspectives of people accompanying a person during voluntary stopping eating and drinking: a convergent mixed methods study. Annals of Palliative Medicine, 10(1).

Fringer, A., Stängle, S., Bischofberger, I., Büche, D., Praxmarer, R., Ch. Ott, S., & Schnepp, W. (2020). Experiences of relatives with outpatient palliative care: a cross-sectional study. International journal of palliative nursing, 26(5), 230-237.

Fringer, A., Stängle, S., Büche, D., Ott, S. C., & Schnepp, W. (2020). The associations of palliative care experts regarding food refusal: A cross-sectional study with an open question evaluated by triangulation analysis. PloS one, 15(4), e0231312.

Fringer, A., Hechinger, M., & Schnepp, W. (2018). Transitions as experienced by persons in palliative care circumstances and their families–a qualitative meta-synthesis. BMC palliative care, 17, 1-15.

Telefon0041 (0) 58 934 64 79
Twitter @AndreFringer

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