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Working with structured codes

17.08.2023, 13:35


I´m working on my first QDA analysis using SW like this for the first time so I watched a lot of tutorials etc. and I really appreciated presented possibility of making complex tree code structure wich I used for coding. As the work's theoretical framework is thematic analysis, whole code-set is based on that (around 9000 codes) and when I finished the stage of coding and tried to use some analytical tools, I found that something is wrong because it just takes into account most usually only the segments related to the main code, sometimes the first sub-code level is ok, but I have at least another one where almost everything is "stored".

So the question is if am I doing anything wrong even when activating the codes including all the sub-codes via right-click? Because basically nothing works with that incuding making a copy of a code or making code-set from it. Can you please explain the limits in general and how to do such a basic operations?

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Re: Working with structured codes

23.08.2023, 12:55

Dear Petr,

Thank you for your question! Working with complex code structures can be a bit challenging in analysis. In most analysis features you will need to consider at which level of the code system you want to do the analysis, either by aggregating subcodes or by displaying code hierarchies.

Usually, code systems with a complex hierarchy are organized so that the top codes are empty (0) and all coded segments are on the lowest possible layer of the code system. This prevents double counting the coded segments.

Regarding Code Sets, you are correct in these sets no hierarchies are possible. They are just lists of codes related to a specific issue. Also duplicating a code does not automatically duplicate the associated subcodes. I'll forward this as feedback to our development team.

If there is a specific feature where you have issues with the code hierarchy, feel free to post an example with a screenshot here or contact the MAXQDA support in case that it might be a technical problem.

I hope this helps! Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA support team,

Wolfgang Meyer
Wolfgang Meyer
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