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Saving activation

09.03.2023, 20:53

Sometimes a task will take longer than a single session and requires a large number of specific documents to be activated in each session to complete the task.

If all the documents and only those documents are represented by a specific code or intersection of codes, they can be fairly easily reactivated in the next session by right-clicking on the code and using "Activate Documents using this code".

However, sometimes this is not the case, and there is no code that exclusively identifies the documents you want to activate. There are at least two somewhat simple ways to achieve this and to reactivate the desired documents in subsequent sessions.

For example, I have activated a few dozen documents that have been identified as failing to import into our report-writing system. There is no code, but having activated them manually once to start troubleshooting (and maybe only one of which has a defect), I don't want to spend thirty minutes each time I look into why this problem happened.

1. Option #1 Sets
Once the documents are manually activated, create a Document Set by right-clicking on "Sets" and selecting "New set from activated documents". In following sessions, you can right-click the set, and select "Activate all documents" and in the document system, all those documents will be activated
2. Option #2 Variables
Create a new document variable for the condition (in my case "Failed Report Import" as a Boolean variable. In the editor view, filter by activated, and tick all those documents as a "Yes" in the new variable. In the next session, activate by variable with your new variable = 1

I hope this tip was helpful

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Re: Saving activation

14.03.2023, 09:33

Dear Matthew,

Thank you for this helpful tip on how use document sets and variables to easily activate certain groups of documents! This is a good use of the document sets feature that will surely help many users who work with large amounts of documents in the projects.

All the best from the MAXQDA team,
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