MAXQDA Professional Trainer:
Sunny Morrison-Rijnaarts (PhD candidate) MA, MSc

Language(s) English, Dutch
Location Amsterdam & Almere, the Netherlands
Radius The Netherlands
  • Starter Workshops
  • Content Analysis
  • Critical Discourse Analysis
  • Ethnography
  • Interview Analysis
Methodological Expertise

Interpretative Qualitative Research, Ethnography, Content Analysis, Critical Discourse Analysis, Interview Analysis

Consulting Services

Individual classes


I am currently completing a PhD in food systems sociology and am affiliated with the Rural Sociology Chair-Group of Wageningen University of the Netherlands. My MA was a postgraduate degree in Environmental Management and my MSc was in International Development Studies with a specialization in Sociology and a thesis written supervised by the Environmental Policy Chair-Group.

Relevant Publications

'Using Grounded Theory Method for Understanding Factors That Exacerbate And Alleviate Food Security in Developed Affluent Countries- Data from Two  Case Studies in Latvia and Wales’ (forthcoming November 2019)

Book: ’The effectiveness of EIA and CSR in reconciling competing claims to development in a rural setting: The case of the Wild Coast, South Africa’ (2008)

Book: ‘Towards sustainable production and consumption of textile products- Sustainable labels and codes of conduct’ (2001)

 ‘Towards sustainable transport in Abidjan, Ivory Coast and Lagos, Nigeria’ (2001)

Phone 00-31-636504482

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