MAXQDA Professional Trainer:
Megan MacCormac, PhD Candidate, Western University

LocationOntario, Canada

Standard Workshops

Starter Workshop

Advanced Workshops

Method-Focused Workshops


Qualitative Evaluation

Audio-Video Analysis

Other types of workshops

Organizing Literature Review Data

Conducting Literature Reviews

Oral History Data Analysis

Methodological Expertise

Content analysis, mixed methods, literature reviews, qualitative data analysis software, interpretive biography, archival research, ethnography, basic statistics, multivariate analysis


I am a PhD Candidate at Western University. I have taught social research methods at the introductory level where students learned how to use MAXQDA software to analyze oral history transcripts. I have been using MAXQDA since July 2018 and I specialize in both qualitative and quantitative social research methods. I have utilized both the qualitative and quantitative components of MAXQDA to conduct literature reviews, code interview transcripts, code archival documents, and conduct basic statistical analysis based on document properties.

Relevant Publications

MacCormac, M. 2019. “Why was I not taught to use this software earlier?” A gendered exploration of university students’ beliefs towards their future use of CAQDAS.” International Journal of Pedagogy, Innovation, and Technologies. 6(1) p. 58-70


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