MAXQDA Professional Trainer:
Elizabeth L. Krause

LocationAmherst, Massachusetts
  • Starter Workshop
  • Advanced Workshop: co-facilitate
Methodological Expertise

Text Analysis, Ethnographic Research, Community-based research, Collaborative qualitative research

Consulting Services

Consulting Research, Groups in Social Research, Individual Classes


I was trained to use MAXQDA in 2010 and have since used it on three team-based research projects. I have been training others to use it since 2011. I have conducted two weeklong summer workshops with anthropologists (2015, 2016) and a daylong workshop (2016). I also co-organized an international workshop in Italy (2014). I am an ethnographer who believes that qualitative data analysis software is a great tool to add to our toolkit.

Relevant Publications

Krause, Elizabeth L. 2018. Tight Knit: Global Families and the Social Life of Fast Fashion. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Krause, Elizabeth L., and Massimo Bressan. 2018. Circulating Children, Underwriting Capitalism: Chinese Global Households and Italian Fast-Fashion. Current Anthropology 59(5): 572–595.

Gubrium, Aline C., and Elizabeth L. Krause. 2018. “Doing Your Life”: Narrative Intervention with Young Mothers as Storytellers. Human Organization 77(3): 214-227.

Krause, Elizabeth L., and Massimo Bressan. 2017. Via Gramsci: Hegemony and Wars of Position in the Streets of Prato. International Gramsci Journal 2(3):31–66. Special issue on Gramsci and Anthropology: A “Round Trip.”

Krause, Elizabeth L. 2015. “Fistful of Tears”: Encounters with Transnational Affect, Chinese Immigrants and Italian Fast Fashion. Cambio 5(10): 27–40. Special Issue on Work and Difference, edited by Massimo Bressan and Sebastiano Ceschi.

Aline Gubrium, Elizabeth L. Krause, and Kasey Jernigan. 2014. Strategic Authenticity and Voice: New Ways of Seeing and Being Seen as Young Mothers through Digital Storytelling. Sexuality Research and Social Policy 11:337–347.

 Krause, Elizabeth L., and Anurag Sharma. 2012. Sustainability “Wars” in a New England Town Futures (44):631-641

Krause, Elizabeth L. and Anurag Sharma. 2013. “Calling the Question”: The Politics of Time in a Time of Polarized Politics. Cambio 3(6): 13–26.


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