MAXQDA Professional Trainer:
Dr. Łukasz Krzyżowski

Language(s)English, Polish
  • Starter Workshop
  • Advanced Workshop
  • Longitudinal Design (Method Focus)
  • Multi-Sited Ethnography (Method Focus)
  • Social Networks Analysis (Method Focus)
  • Visualizations (Method Focus)
  • Mixed Methods (Method Focus)
  • Focus Groups (Method Focus)
  • Interviews (Method Focus)
  • Narratives (Method Focus)
  • Grounded Theory (Method Focus)
Methodological Expertise

Qualitative Interviews, Content Analysis, Online Research, Narratives, Focus Groups Interviews, Social Network Analysis

Consulting Services

Consulting Research Groups in Social Research


I perform research and analysis, as well as providing support to research teams with MAXQDA. Over 10 years of experience gained in methodological consulting, over 300 qualitative interviews conducted within various paradigms, more than 40 workshops and training sessions on data analysis – being a researcher and academic teacher is a difficult but attractive development path. I had the opportunity to learn from the best, received my PhD title in sociology, and studied and trained in the field of data analysis in different places around the world (including Austria, Germany, Iceland, Hungary, Poland and Norway). Also I was taking part in the execution of international financial grant agreements with such organizations as the European Research Council or German Research Foundation. I take full advantage of every opportunity to acquire fresh, valuable experience. These days I train analysts myself, yet I am continuously on the lookout for new possibilities for development. I am a certified trainer for the SPSS and MAXQDA programs, the latter of which I have been working within for over 10 years. Having worked and conducted research in almost every place on earth, I support any kind of projects, offering methodological consultation at every level of the research process. Wherever I am, I make the very most of my knowledge and experience, for I am continuously trying to learn more and share my knowledge with others.

Relevant Publications

Forthcoming. Social Distance to Various Minorities Among Polish Immigrants: A Comparative Study in four German and British Cities, “JOURNAL OF ETHNIC AND MIGRATION STUDIES”.

2015. Caregiving in Polish–German Transnational Social Space: Circulating Narratives and Intersecting Heterogeneities, “POPULATION, SPACE AND PLACE” 21: 257-269 (with Karolina Barglowski and Paulina Świątek).

2014. Transnational caregiving in turbulent times. Polish migrants in Iceland and their old parents in Poland, “INTERNATIONAL SOCIOLOGY”, vol 29, s. 22-37 (with Janusz Mucha).


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