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Merging documents (maxqda crashing error 6x3024)

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Merging documents (maxqda crashing error 6x3024)

27.02.2023, 13:31

Dear all,

I am experiencing an issue when trying to merge two projects. The initial project entails 12 focus groups all participants have been automatically coded. I have duplicated the project and send it to my colleague. She was then working on her half of the documents (6 focus groups) I was working on my half of the focus groups documents.

When I tried to merge the two projects the programme did not merge a specific focus group document but instead duplicated it (in spite of the documents having the same name). This would not be a problem in itself (I could just delete the original document) but the issue is that the merged document does not include focus group participants codes. This poses a problem with subsequent analysis. Is it even possible to merge two focus group documents with assigned participants variables?

After "merge" function did not work, I tried "transferring" document from one project to another. It crashed MAXQDA (an error 6x3024 occurred...which is a licence related issue).

Thank you for your help.

Bets regards,


Version: MAXQDA 2022
System: Windows 11
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Re: Merging documents (maxqda crashing error 6x3024)

28.02.2023, 12:18

Dear Urbane,

Thank you for your post!

Could you please send your question to our functional support at MAXQDA:

Please already include the file "MAXQDA" in your message. You can find the file in MAXQDA under "? > Export support file".

Kind regards on behalf of the MAXQDA support team,
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