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Brainstorming tools and code system import

23.01.2023, 18:13

Has anyone used a mind-mapping or brainstorming tool as part of developing a code system?

One of the research projects I frequently do is looking at the future of some industry or a specific question about the potential futures for a technology. That involves using MAXDictio on several industry documents, and also interviews or brain-storming sessions with stakeholders. In those sessions, we are looking for issues and forces that are affecting them, and those things will later be refined to become part of the code system and used to code document segments that relate to specific issues etc.

The problem I have is that doing the mind-mapping/brainstorming on sticky notes (old school way), is very inefficient and prone to data loss, while the tools I have tried (Viseo, Teams WhiteBoard, XMind, Miro, etc) are often either clumsy, or don't have a good way to export the hierarchical structure of items into MAXQDA as codes.

I would be very interested to hear what tools you have found useful in working with clients that can capture items that can be imported as codes.

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Re: Brainstorming tools and code system import

02.02.2023, 11:20

Dear Matthew,

I'm not sure what exactly you are looking for, but in general these two ways seem attractive:
1) You can take notes of the meeting with Word, GoogleDocs or any other note taking app and then use the Pre-Processor to import already coded notes.
2) If you rather want to import a Code System than notes, you could take notes in an Excel Table or Google Table which you can import as a code system with memos via "Import Codes and Code Memos via Excel Sheet".

I hope this helps! Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA support team,

Andreas M.
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