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Excel Export addition column

28.10.2022, 15:16


i have a document with many columns (a Twitter analysis) among them text and another with a date.
Im searching for Keywords, for example Flood and that worked out fine with the code system. But now i want to export all those entries and with them the date. I want to find out how many entries contain flood on which date so i can order them.

To Further my Example:

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
Number Text Date
1 XXXXX FloodXXX 17.07.2021
2 XXXXDeathXXXX 16.07.221
3 XXX BreakXXX 21.07. 2021
4 XXXFloodXXX 15.07.2021

I want to export this into a new Sheet with entry 1 and 4 (Flood) and both dates in another column. Right now i can only export them without the Column for date

Best Regards


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