Tip: Extracting the urls from document memos

10.08.2022, 17:54

It may happen that you need a list of the urls of documents you collected through WebCollector. I have found no elegant means within MAXQDA to get a list of the urls. but here is a reasonably simple trick to do that using Excel (or similar spreadsheet app)

This trick assumes you collected using Webcollector, and that the resulting document memos contain the URL

1. Right-click the document root, and export the document memos as an Excel sheet
2. In the sheet, format a new column to the right of the memo text as "General"
3. Assuming your memo text column is "B", and the first data row is row 2, copy and paste the following formula into cell C2: =MID(B2,FIND("https:",B2),((FIND(CHAR(10),B2,FIND("https:",B2))-FIND("https:",B2))))
4. Hit enter, and review the results
5. If the url was captured, copy C2 and paste it into all the remaining cells in the column

If you see an error "#VALUE", the most likely cause is that there was no url in the memo, or it was an unsecured page and the url starts with "http:" rather than "https:". To fix, edit the formulae and replace all the "https:" references to "http:"

I hope you find this useful


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Re: Tip: Extracting the urls from document memos

11.08.2022, 13:53

Hi Matthew,

Thank you for sharing this! I am sure this will be helpful for our users.

Kind regards,
MAXQDA support team
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