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Online Forums, Data Collection

18.11.2021, 17:27

I have been looking at attitudes towards women in sport, and found that some online discussion forums have discussion threads with many hundreds or even thousands of posts spanning in some cases over nearly 20 years.

This seems like a really rich source of qualitative data, but I am wondering what others have used to extract data from such web sites.

For example the post in an archery forum "Why So Few Women in Archery?" was started in October of 2002, and has 257 Replies from 68 Participants.

I have been able to collect using the Chrome MAXQDA Web Collector, but generally that means collecting each of hundreds of pages each as a separate document. As an alternative, I copy paste each page into a Word document, strip out all the ":"'s, do a replace all on a keyword that appears after the names of posters, and then import as a focus group.

It would be wonderful to collect these with something like MAXQDA Twitter collector, but maybe you have a great idea or know of a tool to collect from such sites?

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