Segments overlapping page (in PDF)

04.06.2021, 08:02

Hi all,
My problem is fairly simple: sentences don't necessarily stop at the end of a page, but continute on the next. If I select such a sentence in a PDF file in MAXQDA the page number and footnotes of this page are selected as well. Therefore, I get a coded segment that is interrupted by page numbers/footnotes. The other option I see is to code the first half of the sentence (on one page) and the second half of the sentence (on the second page), which means I end up with two coded segments, both incomplete in themselves. This is not ideal either, so the question is whether someone has any idea about how to do this differently? In Word, for example, one can hold strg to select different (non-connected) parts of text. This would do the job for me, but I'm not sure whether there is such an option in MAXQDA?
Would really appreciate your response.

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Re: Segments overlapping page (in PDF)

04.06.2021, 12:40

Dear Seab,

Thank you for your question us!

Unfortunately, for technical reasons it is not possible to leave out something within a segment. The software always defines a segment as running from "character X" to "character Y" in the document. For this reason, it is not possible to leave something out.

Here, it might be an option to link the two separated segments via an internal link or use the segment comments to capture the full meaning.

Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA support team,

Andreas M.
Andreas M.
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