Question about correlation

26.05.2021, 02:40

Hi, I have a dataset of tweets in 26 pdf documents. I have coded each tweet with a 'narrative' code indicating the story type. Inside each 'narrative' code, I have coded instances of 'credibility', which sometimes occur multiple times within the body of a tweet, and sometimes only a single time. I have a couple of questions about this:
1. Is there any way to check (with the code relations browser) how often the codes overlap without being distorted by the number of instances of a given code within the tweet? I am only interested in whether a 'credibility' code occurs inside the tweet, and not how many times it does.
2. Is a crosstabs test still possible, considering I am working from a pdf?
Thank you for your help.


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Re: Question about correlation

28.05.2021, 11:15

Hi Shelley,

1) Have you tried the option "Binarize view" in the Code Relations Browser? It will only show you whether a code relation is present or not. If you just need to check if a certain code is existent in your many tweet datasets, then the Code Matrix Browser (the option "Binarize view") is a good match.

2) Mixed Methods /Crosstabs are possible for PDF files too.


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