License question

12.05.2021, 09:14

I recently replaced the hard drive in my computer, and need to activate MaxQDA on my new hard drive using the license that I share with my research team. When I enter the license key, it tells me that this license key has already been used to register MaxQDA on the maximum number of computers, and that I need to deregister one of them first. The problem is, my old hard drive will not even boot, so I can not run MaxQDA and deregister the license from that hard drive.

What can be done?

Version: MAXQDA 2020
System: Windows 10
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Re: License question

12.05.2021, 16:02

Hi davidp,

Thank you for your post. We kindly ask you to contact our technical support team directly via the following contact form:

Kind regards on behalf of MAXQDA,
MAXQDA support team
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