Code applications disappear in Smart Coding Tool

29.04.2021, 09:20

I want to report a possible bug with code applications disappear in Smart Coding Tool.

To reproduce:
    enter smart coding tool
    add a new code
    previously applied codes disapper

Video and support file:
Code applications disappear in Smart Coding Tool
Support file

My workflow is to mark all text to be analysed with #segment code and then access those segments with the smart coding tool and then drag text segments on top of codes to apply them. Because of codes disappearing I have to quit smart coding tool. When activating the smart coding tool again I am loosing my progress and have to scroll to the necessary segment.

Also a feature request:
One annoyance of the smart coding tool is that I cannot find a way to setup smooth scrolling of retrieved segments on the right panel - it skips entire page when using mouse scroll wheel and at times crops a segment in half between two scrolls. I think a smooth scrolling should be allowed to choose like you would be able to do it in Adobe Acrobat reader. It is easier to focus on a text in the centre of the screen instead of it being at the bottom.

Version: MAXQDA 2020
System: Windows 10
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Re: Code applications disappear in Smart Coding Tool

04.05.2021, 08:54

Dear aleskandr,

Thank you for posting here and bringing this to our attention and for the video – that's really helpful! We have forwarded this behavior to our testing team who will look further into it.

If our testing team can verify this as a bug, please note that fixes usually are available within the next 1-2 updates. If you want to always stay up to date about MAXQDA, updates and new features, we also recommend to sign up for our newsletter:

And of course, we have gladly forwarded your feature request to our development team!

Kind regards on behalf of MAXQDA,
MAXQDA support team
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