Variables / Duration (hh:mm:ss)

23.04.2021, 08:38


A simple question I did not find the answer in the manual and in video tutorials. In the variables of the documents, is it possible to insert duration (hh:mm:ss)? In this case, the duration of the interviews and so having statistics about time/duration?

Thanks for your help!


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Re: Variables / Duration (hh:mm:ss)

26.04.2021, 10:35


Thank you for posting here.

You can assign a new date/time variable to your documents. To do so, follow the below steps:
- Open "List of document variables"
- Click the button (with a green plus) "A new variable" in the toolbar
- Name the variable and under the option "Type" select "Date/time"
- Assign a missing value (if relevant) and click "OK"
- Open the data editor and assign values (duration) to relevant documents.

Note: Document variables are created for the entire project, which means you cannot create different variables for each document group.

I hope this helps!

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Re: Variables / Duration (hh:mm:ss)

26.04.2021, 13:54

Hi Aikokul,

Thank you for your reply. 
I know how to assign new simple variables.
I have already done what you suggest but it does not work for the duration.

Regarding the variable type “Date/time” :

- I succeed in filling in the date of the interview but not the time
- The time variable is like "at what time I have done the interview, e.g. 04:45PM” or "the duration interview, e.g. 2hh33mm17ss” (which is what I am looking for)?

Thank you again for your help!
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Re: Variables / Duration (hh:mm:ss)

27.04.2021, 08:05

I'm just another user. But I think, you can't enter the hh:mm:ss part only, you always have to enter a (dummy) date in font of the hours and minutes. Seconds seem to be be ignored anyway. As a workaround I would enter "duration in seconds" in place of a real time variable. It is much easier to handle in statistical analysis. If you import your data from Excel can compute duration from Excel-time (which is really a floating point value) by multiplying the fractional part of the Excel time variables by 86400 (1440 for minutes) before you import.
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