Batch replacement of codes

09.04.2021, 21:52

Hi all! I have a question about the possibility of replacing one code with another for a batch of documents in MAXQDA.

I have 55 documents where I've applied code A (sometimes one coded segment per document, sometimes two). For some of these documents, I'd like to replace all instances of code A with code B. I am able to activate just this subset of documents using variables. Is there a way to replace all instances of a code with another code for activated documents only, rather than doing this manually for each document?

Version: MAXQDA 2020
System: Mac OS X 11.0 (Big Sur)
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Re: Batch replacement of codes

12.04.2021, 13:26

Dear Kuhmarhk,

thank you for your question! The simplest solution here seems the following:

- Create a new (empty) Code "B"
- Activate all the documents that you wish to activate via Variable
- Double click on the original code "A" so that the Overview of Coded Segments opens
- In the top left corner click on the filter icon "Only activated documents"
- Now your Overview of Coded Segments only shows the segments you want to "replace"/move
- Click on the first segment in the list, hold the "Shift" key and click on the last, so that all segments are highlighted
- Now drag and drop all segments on Code B while holding the Command Key

This will move all the segments of the activated documents from Code A to Code B.

I hope this helps! Best regards on behalf of the MAXQDA support team,

Andreas M.
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Re: Batch replacement of codes

12.04.2021, 22:42

Hi Andreas,

This worked like a charm! Thank you so much for the detailed response.
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