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Comparing 2 groups with some interviewees in both

17.03.2021, 17:16

I'm interviewing people having had a specific psychological issue, which can arise in context X or Y, and I want to compare the experience depending on the context. Some people have had it only in X, some only in Y, and some in both. If everyone had had it only in one, I think the way to go would be about comparing groups, but how can I compare coded segments from the two contexts? I had two ideas (which don't seem optimal so that's why I'm asking other opinions):
  • Coding every segment at least twice (once for the codes I'd attribute it, regarding to perceptions and feelings, for example, and once for context, X or Y). Then, I guess one could compare the two by filtering by code.
  • Creating two big trees (one for X and one for Y), each of them with the exact same subcategories, so that I can compare them.
Any idea will be welcome :)

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