Problem with Memos

10.03.2021, 16:35

Did anyone face the problem with memos on Mac? When you open up the memo and start typing - it doesn't allow you to type, switches to some browser mode... I am using a trial version at the moment, am going to purchase the Pro license soon. But the bug is really confusing. :cry:

Version: MAXQDA 2020
System: Mac OS X 11.0 (Big Sur)
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Re: Problem with Memos

11.03.2021, 17:25

Hi LuciaZai,

Thank you for posting here! We have tried to reproduce the issue you described, but unfortunately without success so far. Would it be possible for you to contact our support team directly and maybe send them a screencast of your issue with memos? That would be really helpful in order to reproduce it on our systems! You can contact our support team via the following form:

Thank you and kind regards on behalf of MAXQDA,
MAXQDA support team
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