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Pre processing Twitter data

01.03.2021, 16:11


Please I need to know if there is any of these following feature that could pre process data from twitter on MAXQDA:
-Filtering the unused character removal, such as number, punctuations, hashtag, mention, URL, HTML or CSS elements from data.
-Tokenization as the process of breaking a stream of textual data up into words, terms, symbols, or some other meaningful elements called tokens.
-Normalization ( lemmatization and stemming)
-Stop words removal refers to the process of filtering out most common dictionary words (English) to enhance this data.
Thanks in advance.

Version: MAXQDA 2020
System: Windows 10
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Re: Pre processing Twitter data

28.04.2021, 13:23

I think you can use the Lexical Search function for preprocessing purposes. You can apply regular expressions with this function. Of course, first, you need to learn your way around regex on which I'm trying to educate myself for a month at my property in Costa Blanca day and night.
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