Portable Maxqda not running !

02.02.2021, 15:49

I updated the maxqda portable version for Mac and the software is not opening anymore. There is a message with the error number "4x3" saying that I should contact the support team in other to "export a support file". Even before installing the updated version maxqda was not running properly, it didn't record the changes of transcriptions.. What should I do?

Version: MAXQDA 2020
System: Mac OS X 10.15 (Catalina)
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Re: Portable Maxqda not running !

02.02.2021, 16:41

Hi Barbara,

Thank you for posting here.

It would be best if you could contact our support team directly, so our team can help you. You can contact our support team via the following contact form:

Kind regards on behalf of MAXQDA,
MAXQDA support team
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