Pasting from OneNote

23.05.2019, 20:38

This morning I broke a cardinal rule in delivering training - I varied what I had practiced beforehand, and it created a big unexpected glitch in the training webinar.

I pasted text that I had copied from OneNote into a document , and instead of just being text, I got some kind of texbox that I couldn't code or even select or edit.

I was trying to show that one could update an interview with post-interview feedback, and then add a memo, comment, and code to show it was an update. I tested the lesson flow ahead of time using text copied from an email into "Joanna" in the ENG/life satisfaction example project. That worked perfectly, and then I made the mistake of putting the text in OneNote so I could shut Outlook down during the webinar.

So two points:
1. Do not try out anything new when doing a webinar!
2. Text pasted from OneNote behaves in unexpected ways

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