Editing a stoplist

06.04.2019, 17:49


I am making Word Clouds and was getting rid of useless words by searching them out in Word Frequencies and adding them to a stop list. I mistakingly added some words to the stoplist that I didn't want to. Does anybody know a way of rectifying this- and getting those words back? Perhaps by manually inputting them or re-setting it altogether?

I would be really grateful for any help with this.

Many thanks.

Version: MAXQDA 12
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Re: Editing a stoplist

09.04.2019, 15:52

I assume you are using the word cloud function under "Visual Tools"

1. In the word cloud click on "Edit Stop List"
2. Locate the word you want to have back in the cloud
3. Right-click on the word (and all lemmatized iterations), and select "Delete"
4. Exit Stop List
5. Observe word is back in the word cloud

Hope this helps
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