Add a warning or feature regarding trimming Stop List files

Add a warning or feature regarding trimming Stop List files

17.08.2018, 17:04

Files containing Stop words that are extracted from Excel sheets may contain leading or trailing spaces. The spaces will be taken as part of the word by MaxDictio when imported, and will not result in the word being excluded as expected when the Stop List is used to filter results.

For example, in a list of 300 stop words that were saved as a tab delimited text file from Excel, all words had a trailing space. When applied to Word Frequency function in MAXDictio, none of the expected words were filtered out because of the trailing space being seen as part of the Stop List word. The word "Code" was expected to be filtered out when applying the Stop List, but the Stop List word in question was actually "Code ", and therefore not found in the Word Frequency results.

Suggest either warning the user that imported Stop Lists should be trimmed of leading or trailing spaces in words, or add functionality in MaxDictio to trim words in a Stop List

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Re: Add a warning or feature regarding trimming Stop List fi

23.08.2018, 14:37

Thank you for your suggestion! I'm happy to inform you that a feature that trimms the stoplist will be implemented with the next update in the very near future :-)
Andreas V.

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